Friday Preview - South Wales Borderers

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Today we are showing off the South Wales Borderers of the King's Empire.  Let's take a look!


In the aftermath of the Battle of London, the Parliament passed the Military Service Act, forcing the unmarried men of their nation into active military service. The Act received a great deal of public support, and British men and women both flocked to the recruitment centers to join in the defense of their homeland. The greatest number of new recruits hailed from South Wales. This flooded the ranks of the British army with thousands of boisterous, patriotic warriors with questionable accents. Given mechanical weaponry to augment their physical ones, they’ve been sent into the battle with little training but a lot of patriotism.
On the tabletop, the South Wales Borderers are one of the Empire’s only melee units. With durable five model Fireteams, the Borderers actually become stronger when their friends and squad mates are removed from play. They make for a great front-line unit, especially against ranged Companies that like to pepper their enemies with bullets before charging into battle.

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