Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  We have a pretty awesome preview of the Rail Gunner.  This model definitely shoots for the moon, and with the size of that gun it probably will hit it too!  Enjoy this preview.  


Although not yet in widespread circulation, Abyssinian weapons technology has created relatively small scale rail guns usable on the battlefield. These weapons require an incredibly strong source of power, and as such, must be deployed with a Soulstone-amplified power source. Most Rail Gunners are recruited out of the Mechanized Infantry, drawing upon those with the best accuracy.
On the tabletop, the Rail Gunner gets one powerful, long range shot per Turn. Taking advantage of Extra Power to get a Gunner into Glory can lead to a particularly potent shot. Target priority is the key for a Rail Gunner, as it can be very effective against certain targets, but may be overkill or ineffective against others.

Head over to our forums to discuss!  What are you going to blow off the table using the rail gunner?