Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  For today's preview we are bringing you one of the more....grotesque of the Cult's forces.  These portals are a very potent force in what they allow your army to do.  Take a look!  


The most insidious byproduct of the Burning Man’s presence may not be the cult that sprang up around it but rather the ease in which new portals are created. While most portals lead through to Malifaux, some don’t make it quite far enough. They connect to somewhere in between, a place of chaos and magic. Many of these portals slowly transform from a gateway
into a sentient creature, an abomination of magic fueled by the space between spaces. These Stalking Portals seem to have some sort of odd intelligence and provide great support to the cultists that worship the Burning Man.
On the table, Stalking Portals are iconic Cult support pieces. The ability to function as moving teleporters allows them to ensure that their forces get where they need to be as quickly as possible. They're also quite good at stripping Reinforcement Tokens away from enemy units.

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