Friday Preview - Horomatangi

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Today we have a preview of a pretty awesome Dual Faction Commander, Horomontangi.  Let's take a look!


Horomatangi is an ancient, powerful creature from Malifaux. It arrived on Earth in the mid-sixteenth century and immediately started terrorizing the Maori people. It was a mighty spellcaster in Malifaux, and it was the ruthless overlord of a long string of half-sunken islands. It used sheer power to command the mewling members of the Gibbering Hordes that were unlucky enough to live in its domain.

Unfortunately for Horomatangi, all of this was lost when it arrived on Earth. For years it tried to reclaim some semblance of power by attacking the locals of New Zealand, but to no avail. Eventually, it was defeated by the Ngaatoro sisters and fell into a deep sleep in a crevice of the ocean.

The arrival of the Burning Man on Earth brought with it an infusion of magic that woke the mighty Horomatangi from hundreds of years of sleep. It is now regaining some of its old power and reclaiming dominion over the Hordes, and it has pledged its service to the Burning Man in the hopes of replenishing its atrophied magical power.

On the table, Horomatangi can serve either the Cult of the Burning Man or the Gibbering Hordes. Unlike most Commanders, Horomatangi is a Titan and has less Scrip to hire its forces.

Horomatangi makes up for this deficiency with its incredible power. Its high Armor of 12, which increases to an amazing 13 in Glory, makes this ancient beast incredibly difficult to hurt.

Defense is not Horomatangi's specialty, however: violence is. It is dangerous either in melee or at range, and its passive Cloud of Steam Ability ensures that it is dangerous for enemies to even be in proximity to Horomatangi.

The Bellow of Command Action is a potent Morale Action that can provide a big bonus to allies or a big penalty to enemies. Alternatively, Horomatangi might choose to simply lay waste to its foes with an endless assault generated by its Mighty Willpower Action.

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