Friday Preview - Marauder

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  We continue to look at the units for the Other Side.  Today we have the Marauder from Abyssinia.  Check it out! 


Most Abyssinian Marauders are used to get behind enemy battle forces, where they can cripple supply lines and debilitate their reinforcement abilities. Sometimes, however, they are brought onto the battlefield itself. These two-seater motorcycles move quickly, with one soldier driving the motorcycle while the other focuses on manning the heavy machine gun. 
The Marauder can fulfill different roles on the battlefield as needed, whether that might be quickly securing objectives or attacking exposed flankers. Unfortunately, Marauders need to remain light so as to not compromise their extreme speed, so their defenses are somewhat lacking.
On the tabletop, Marauders have nearly unrivaled speed. They are capable of easily going 27" on a turn, and, if they are in Glory, they can follow it up with a Heavy Machine Gun Action that could move it even further. Clever use of the Afterburners will help get a Marauder to Glory for maximum effectiveness.
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