Friday Preview - Raving Madman

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  We continue that wonderful trend of taking a peek at some of the models of The Other Side.  Today we are revealing the Raving Madman.  Enjoy!

Raving Madmen have a deep connection to the Burning Man. These individuals have not been infused with the Burning Man's magic, but they remain true believers in Ephraim Wade's teachings. Their minds have twisted around a sort of chaotic logic, and they willingly follow the Burning Man's forces into battle. Their words have an insidious effect which turns the mind of even the most stalwart of opposition to their teachings.

On the table, Raving Madmen can prevent opponents from using the Shaken Tokens that the Cult intends to use to flip to Glory. Over time, they become unhinged enough to that their insanity can become a significant threat.

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