Friday Preview - Kassa Okoye

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another Friday Preview!  This week we are looking at one of the Dual Faction Commanders.  We start by looking at Kassa who can be a commander for both Abyssinia and the King's Empire.  


Kassa Okoye showed a penchant for engineering from a very young age. Even among the youth in Abyssinia, she was particularly gifted.

After a childhood of intense schooling, Kassa eventually left to join the Abyssinian army. She was placed with the engineers, in charge of keeping equipment functioning for the front lines. Over time, she proved to be a capable soldier and demonstrated shrewd tactical prowess on the battlefield.

After rapid promotion, she was sent as an emissary to the King's Empire to promote good relations between the Empire and Abyssinia. There, she worked with engineers and their Guild technology, heightening her craft with a completely different type of machinery.

Kassa never had trouble making friends, and she easily was accepted as a fellow woman-at-arms in the Empire's forces.

Upon returning to Abyssinia, she was given the freedom to explore her own inventions and ideas. She has chosen to do so on the various battlefields unfolding across the globe.

On the tabletop, Kassa supports the massive constructs known as Titans. She gains resources when they are damaged, repairs them, and lets them take extra Actions.

Though she functions best in her supporting role, she is capable of putting up a good fight in her own right. Kassa is no slouch with a machine gun and can lay down a good firebase all by herself.

Kassa's greatest weakness is that when her Company's Titans have all fallen in battle, much of her usefulness dissipates. Ideally, she will have gained enough resources and advantages by that point that she'll be able to coast to victory with just her machine gun.

Kassa is a fan of any Assets that give her another Morale Action, as that lets her stay at maximum effectiveness even when there is no friendly Titan nearby.

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