Monday Preview - Whiskey Gamin

Happy Monday Wyrdos!  Last week we finished looking at the Undying.  Now it's time to start looking into another upcoming story encounter box, Backdraft!  We are starting by looking at some of the Gremlin models.  To start with we have the Whiskey Gamin!  Let's learn a little about these adorable, delicious little barrels.  


Unlike elemental Gamin, which are summoned by powerful magic spells and rituals, Whiskey Gamin are created by enterprising Gremlin artificers to carry their moonshine from one place to another. After the first few Whiskey Gamin disappeared into the swamp, the Gremlins started replacing their feet with wheels in order to make it more difficult for the little machines to run off with all their alcohol. When this made the Whiskey Gamin too cumbersome to escape predators (most notably, other Gremlins that wanted the moonshine they carried), the engineers replaced their arms with pump nozzles, allowing the Gamin to spray their attackers with the high proof (and very flammable) moonshine they carried.

This is Gremlin engineering at its finest, folks.

On the table, Whiskey Gamin are fast models that spread around (Alcohol) Poison(ing) and light inebriated models on fire. Like true Gamin, they explode when they are killed, showering everyone around them with moonshine.