Friday Preview - Devouring Eel

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another preview from The Other Side.  Today we look at a nasty little creature from the Gibbering Hordes.  Find out a little more about the Devouring Eel!


The eels in the oceans of Malifaux tend to be fairly nasty creatures. There is one particular species, though, that is well above the rest in the amount of damage it can deal: the Devouring Eel. This eel is very large and possessed of incredible regenerative abilities. It constricts its prey, but it does so by opening its body down the middle, directly exposing its digestive organs. In this way, it begins devouring its prey immediately upon constriction, an incredibly painful process that has thus far served the Devouring Eels quite well. Since they can reproduce asexually, a single Devouring Eel can quickly lead to an infestation in an area with abundant food.

On the table, Devouring Eels are fast and difficult to hit. This, coupled with their Regeneration, makes them very survivable units. Worse yet, once they are in Glory, they can split apart and create additional copies of themselves,

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