Friday Preview - Artillery Team

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  As always Friday means it is time for another Other Side preview.  This Friday though the preview is ready to make a big boom!  Let's take a look at the artillery team.  


One of the most defining features of the King’s Empire is their widespread use of artillery on the battlefield. Their investment into firearms has paid dividends in both equipment for normal troops and the development of large-scale weapons like the howitzer. By achieving superior range over their opponents, the King’s Empire has managed to keep casualties down through the application of superior firepower. Typical Artillery Teams are made up of three soldiers: a gunner and two loaders. Even so, each member of the team trains in each position, allowing them to function even after they've suffered casualties.

On the tabletop, Artillery Teams are very long ranged units with poor accuracy. Their incredible Strength easily makes up for this, though, and they can comfortably sit on the backline and shell enemy troops all game long.

Come check out the forums to discuss your plans for the Artillery Team!