Friday Preview - Mechanized Infantry

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another look at the units of the Other Side.  This time we look at the Mechanized Infantry of Abysinnia.  This unit consists of both some Infantry and a powerful Walker.  Let's take a peek!

The Mechanized Infantry make up the primary firebase of an Abyssinian force. Every member of the Infantry is skilled with a machine gun, and they have been trained in how to pilot the massive Walker that serves as the unit's heavy artillery. What’s more, the Infantry are trained to make field repairs to their Walker, ensuring that their Squad stays at fighting strength for as long as possible. If the Crow Runners make up the bulk of the vanguard of an army, the Mechanized Infantry make up the army’s core.

On the tabletop, this Squad serves as a powerful ranged option. Their machine guns can lay down solid fire, and when supported by the Walker’s battle cannon, they can do serious damage. Like many Abyssinian units, they are well-rounded and serve as a solid choice in almost any situation.

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