Waldo's Weekly - What's Cooler Than Being Cool?


All right, all right, all right. Now Wyrdos,

Waldo was complaining about the cold recently. To be fair, everywhere on Earth is colder than where he’s from, so there’s only so much we can do. After getting him a heated blanket, a space heater, an ugly sweater, a winter hat, socks, hocks (horn socks), and wing-warmers, he still complained about the temperature. Not everything can (or should) be set on fire, Waldo. So, to suggest things could always be worse, we’ll be talking about just how cold things can get.

Today we're going to talk about one of the new Neverborn Masters, the ice cold Euripides. 


As you can see, Euripides has a fairly typical stat line, though he makes up for it with a whole lot of Health, which is appropriate for a Master on a 50mm base.

His first Ability, The Old Ways, is actually the thematic Ability for the entirety of the Savage Crew. It allows them to flip cards from their Discard Pile instead of their Fate Deck. This is a powerful Ability, as it effectively allows a Savage model to get double use out of good cards, albeit at the cost of a bit of damage.

Euripides also possesses Hard to Kill, which is another fairly common Ability that is shared by most of his Crew. It works in the same way as its M2E counterpart by giving Euripides a bit of protection against being killed by damage.

Intuition is a nod to Euripides’ role as a shaman and seer, and it allows him to look at (and rearrange) the top three cards of his Fate Deck as soon as he Activates. This gives him a great degree of foresight in just how he should act on his Turn, especially when combined with The Old Ways, letting him play cards out of his discard pile in lieu of using cards from his deck.

Future Sight is a defensive trigger that further builds upon Euripides’ precognitive abilities. While it doesn’t do anything in particular to protect him in the present, being able to knock Crow cards out of a Resurrectionist’s hand or to deny a Guild their high Rams can certainly have an impact on their future actions.

Finally, Euripides has Entomb in Ice, a powerful Ability that allows him to transform Killed models into Ice Pillars, all while denying Markers to his opponent. In M3E, if a Marker doesn’t state what size it is, it defaults to 30mm, so our Ice Pillars are 30mm pieces of terrain that block line of sight and can’t be moved through. Their Destructible Trait means that a nearby model can use an action to destroy the Marker, which prevents them from permanently sealing away portions of the board (and thus allows us to use more of them).


On the back of Euripides’ card, we see that he’s pretty good at pummeling people with his Huge Fists, which is appropriate for a giant such as himself. His Rake the Eyes trigger gives him a bit of control over his opponent’s Fate Deck, and the Sweeping Strike trigger allows him to deal Blast damage with a wide swing of doom.

It’s worth noting that Sweeping Strike is only really effective against enemy models; in M3E, attacks made against friendly models don’t generate Blast Markers, which helps to keep models honest. No more attacking a low-defense friend to drop non-resistible damage on the enemies standing near him.

Euripides’ Tactical Actions all revolve around Ice Pillars. First and foremost is Rune-Etched Ice, which creates Ice Pillar Markers and then forces nearby enemies to either leap out of the way or suffer some damage. His Triggers give him the option of summoning additional Pillars or forcing models further away from the Pillar, making them great at clearing an area.

Glacial Shove, however, is where Euripides really comes into his own. It allows him to grab an Ice Pillar and throw it across the board like a bowling ball, damaging anyone too slow to move out of the way. Between the Ice Pillars that he’s creating with Entomb in Ice and the ones created by Rune-Etched Ice, this savage cyclops should have plenty of ammunition to chuck at his enemies.

The final touch on this frozen package is Reflected Visage. By catching a glimpse of Euripides’ face in an Ice Pillar, all the models around it become Distracted, which gives them a negative twist on an opposed duel. Of course, if Euripides hits his Shattering Surprise trigger, the visage they see ends up being the real thing as he bursts forth from the Ice Pillar like a frozen Kool-Aid Man. Oooh yeah!

Euripides brings a completely new playstyle to the Neverborn and Malifaux as a whole, and he’s already quite fun to toss onto the table (especially against Rasputina – so many Ice Pillars)!


That’s it for Waldo’s Weekly in 2018! Waldo will be back January 9th, 2019. As it turns out, Waldo is actually a pretty big fan of the holidays, and he promises to be tame while we’re gone. Hopefully the office isn’t a pile of cinders come the new year.