Introducing Waldo's Weekly

Happy Wednesday Wyrdos!

Waldo, our resident mischief maker here at Wyrd, has been kept under close watch ever since he got loose and caused some havoc a couple of months ago. After he almost bit off one of our fingers, we decided we needed to let him stretch his wings a little bit. I, for one, would like to keep the fingers I have left right where they are. Plus Kyle still won’t go in the bathroom until someone checks it first. And Matt still twitches every time he hears a wing flap.

In an effort to stop the misery he was causing, we told him he could have ONE day a week to get up to some of his mischief. Hopefully he doesn’t spoil anything too big this time…

Stay tuned next week as we let Waldo loose for the first time in his new segment Waldo’s Weekly.

Now to see where that bugger ran off to….