Friday Preview - Yarazi

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  This week I've been hearing a buzzing in my ear and with this Friday preview I finally know why!  The Yarazi were hiding around the corner the whole time.  Let's take a look!


Not all of the Gibbering Hordes made their home in the oceans. There are a few species that moved into seaside caverns, though none quite as fully as the Yarazi. The Yarazi are much like puffins, flying high above the coastal waters before diving underwater for short periods to snatch up their prey. The Yarazi tend to use short bursts of speed when hunting rather than prolonged exertions, and they can reach incredible speeds while doing so. They're also capable of spitting an incredibly sticky mucus at great range, which is most often used to stop fleeing prey in its tracks. Despite their speed, Yarazi are not brave, and they will quickly flee from any real threats.

On the table, Yarazi function like light cavalry. They can quickly dart across the battlefield, flying over other units as they rush toward objectives or weakened enemy units. They're not very durable, but fortunately, Yarazi have the ability to quickly escape from combat, which makes them annoying guerilla fighters

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