Monday Preview - Hinamatsu

Hey Wyrdos!  Time for another Malifaux preview!  Today we are taking a look at the art for Hinamatsu from Broken Promises.  Let's learn a little bit about this puppet!

Hinamatsu is an old puppet.  Given life only a short time after Collodi itself, Hinamatsu was created to perform in theater productions opposite living actors.  It grew jealous of the attention heaped upon the other performers, however, and murdered one of them out of spite.  Fearing further incidents, Hinamatsu's master lured it into entering an underground vault near Debtor's Delve and sealed the puppet inside.  Locked away in that hidden place for over a century, Hinamatsu swore that it would never again follow another's instructions.  

Let's take a look!

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