Friday Preview - Grenadiers

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another peek into The Other Side.  Today we are looking at the Grenadiers.  The King's Empire is all about shooting, and these guys make sure that their shots get the job done!


The battlefields of the early 1900s have changed drastically from even a few decades prior. The King’s Empire has adapted to the changing nature of war by creating the Grenadiers, soldiers who are trained in the use of the grenade launcher. Fitted with the ability to use multiple types of ammo, these grenade launchers allow Grenadiers to hunt the biggest threats on the battlefield: blocks of infantry soldiers and the massive Titans. Being in the thick of fighting does not bode well for their survival rate, but the recent adoption of gas masks has given them a better chance of coming home.

On the tabletop, the Grenadiers are capable of using their Grenade Launchers to deal a lot of damage to light infantry units. They also have a good chance of taking down Titans with their high-powered Rocket Grenade attack. They are a straightforward unit, but one whose versatility makes them an excellent addition to many forces.

The grenadiers are sure to make a mess of the enemy!  Head on over to our forums to discuss this awesome new unit!