Friday Preview - Breachling

Another Friday preview means we are looking at more of the units and champions that will make up the majority of your forces.  Today we are looking at a vicious creature from between dimensions, the Breachling.  Let's take a look at this fearsome beast, and learn a little about it.  

Much like the Stalking Portals, Breachlings are formed from the magic that exists between places. With no discernible anatomy to speak of, except for mouths, Breachlings are an unfortunate side effect of unmitigated dimensional agitation. Some Doomseekers have learned how to call these mindless creatures into existence and how to force them to attack only those who have earned their ire. Breachlings are made of unstable magic, though, and the right amount of pressure makes them pop, dealing massive damage to those unfortunate enough to be nearby.

On the table, Breachlings serve as fodder for enemy attacks and as a means of cycling through your deck. They should not be ignored, however, as their Fearsome Jaws are still a potent attack. Breachlings are a cheap unit that work well when filling in small gaps in your forces (or when Summoned into play).

These toothy beasts are sure to leave your opponent running for cover.  Head on over to our forums to discuss your plans for the Breachling!