Post GenCon Update

Hello Wyrdos!

GenCon has come and gone, and the warehouse is working overtime to get everyone's orders out. We'd like to thank everyone who ordered, as well as everyone who came up to GenCon and chatted with us/took pictures/played games. It's always great to meet new people and introduce new people to the world of Malifaux.

A special congratulations to Derrek Chu, the winner of the Tyrant of Malifaux tournament at GenCon! There were some exciting and tense games, but in the end his Ten Thunders, led by Mei Feng, pulled off the victory.

Last, but not least: if you ordered online during GenCon but missed the chance to vote, you can still get it in on this website. Votes must be in by the end of August to be counted.

Thank you again everyone, and have a great week!