Summer Errata

It is summer time, and that means it's time for Malifaux's twice-yearly errata!

In this errata, the following things have been adjusted:

  • The Mechanical Rider's summon increased its TN by 2 (making it less likely to top deck), and its Arcane Ritual Trigger is significantly changed. It now places a single Scheme Marker within 1" of the target, but can position it further away for each additional Tome. It is no longer limited to once per Turn.
  • Wind Gamin no longer bury when killed. Now, if they die, they can push a model 5".
  • Practiced Production now prevents you from placing Scheme Markers near Peon & Insignificant friendly models.
  • Stuffed Piglets are now 3 Soulstones to hire.


You can find out more information or get the cards from our forum post.