Friday Preview - July 28

The name's Belle...Margaret Belle.  

This Friday we are looking at a new commander for the King's Empire.  Unlike the field commander that is Edmonton, Margaret Belle is a spy.  Let's take a look!

If Charles Edmonton is the Empire's best soldier, Margaret Belle is its best spy. She is an incredibly skilled woman, having mastered multiple languages, magics, and nefarious skills. Belle uses all of these in the service of the Crown, gathering intelligence the world over to protect both King and country.

Belle grew up in a London orphanage, and at a young age, she entered into service for the state. The Crown ensured that she was taught the importance of information, and since that time, she has gathered every scrap of knowledge she could find. It drove her to be one of the most skilled spies in the world.

Once in battle, Margaret Belle takes advantage of her shadow-manipulating magic to move from one darkened corner of the battlefield to the next, sometimes even rising up from an enemy soldier's own shadow. She is not fond of firearms, but her poisoned knife is more than enough to dispatch most enemies.

Despite her status as a spy, Belle has received special permission to call upon any troops she needs in pursuit of her duties, which makes her an unorthodox but effective Commander for the King's Empire.

On the tabletop, Belle is an assassin. She is able to get into the action quickly by teleporting around the battlefield. Her high Speed, Defense, and Armor help her survive once she's pounced on her target.

Because of her mobility, Belle will often leave her supporting Fireteams behind. This means that she needs to take care not to get surrounded, as poor positioning will quickly lead to her untimely demise.

That being said, there is no better unit in the game for taking on enemy Commanders. The combination of her Backstab and Poisoned Knife Actions can throw a wrench into anyone's game. 

If Belle manages to take out the enemy Commander, she is best served by using her Mobility to claim distant objectives or focus on other vulnerable units, as she fairs poorly in drawn-out engagements.

If your opponent declares King's Empire you better make sure to check out every shadow, because you never know when Margaret Belle is going to strike.  Head on over to our forums to discuss this new preview!