Chronicles - GenCon Special

A new Chronicles is now available on DriveThruRPG! Click on the image above to check out this free e-zine.



  • Broken Promises – Get a glimpse of what happens under the hood of designing a Malifaux book.

  • Storied Soundtracks: In the Flesh – Tattoo ink flies off flesh as quickly as the words fly off the page in this jaw-crunching contest winner!

  • Scatter Terrain – Learn how to make awesome scatter terrain pieces with a Wild West theme.

  • The Northern Junction – A diligent rail worker’s life is thrown across the tracks when his family is taken from him. 

  • Bad Medicine – The Fated find themselves taking a trip to Fortune Falls, where a wife desperately seeks a cure for her husband’s debilitating and curious ailment. 

  • Nemesis – Someone’s been performing necromancy right under the Guild’s nose. Decide the victor of this Duel of Fate at GenCon!