Friday Preview

It may not be Monday but we have a brand new preview for you!  Today marks the first Friday Preview day.  We will be previewing some models from our upcoming game The Other Side. Today we take a look at the deadly and alluring Stormsiren.  We will be taking a look at her model, as well as a brief bio.  Enjoy! 

The Sirens of Malifaux are a very intelligent species. Their voices are laced with magical power, allowing them to manipulate others to suit their needs. Over time, this has led to a great appreciation for guile and subtlety among the Sirens.

While Sirens strive to master many different types of magic over their lifespans, the rarest of these magics is the mastery of weather and storms. Those capable of commanding this magic are known as Stormsirens.

The Stormsiren that was sucked through a dimensional rift and dropped onto an unsuspecting London is a wise and powerful spellcaster. She worships Meridion, an ancient Tyrant that was trapped in the ley lines of Malifaux thousands of years earlier.

Although all the Hordes could hear Meridion's call in the oceans of Malifaux, most mistook it for the whisper of the ocean's current. Now that the Stormsiren has become trapped on Earth, her dreams have been silent. She intends to do whatever she must to bring the soothing whispers of her goddess back.

On the table, the Stormsiren is a force to be reckoned with. Her impressive Tactics value of 3 means that her Company will be ahead of the game in terms of resources. This opens up more options for Stratagems and card draw, which in turn gives her a strong advantage over her opponents.

On top of this, her Company adds an additional Tide Pool terrain piece to the table at the start of the game, and she is capable of creating even more in Glory. This terrain advantage can be significant, especially in light of her ability to move enemy troops closer to herself or any Tide Pool. If she's in Glory, these Tide Pools are even treated as Hazardous Terrain, making the movement potentially fatal to enemy Fireteams.

The Stormsiren may command from the back, but she is capable of mixing it up anywhere on the table. Just don't forget to add water.

Sounds like the Stormsiren will be a force on the table!  Make sure to head over to our forums to discuss!