New Wyrdos

We are excited to announce that we have welcomed some members to the Wyrd team. Below is a short bio/job description they have each written about themselves so you know who these new team members are!


I'm Kimberly! I'm the new Office Assistant here at Wyrd. 've been a part of the Malifaux community here in Georgia for a bit over a year, but have been a fan of the game for ages. Aaron says I'm the Evil Spirit of Wyrd, but don't listen to him; I'm really nice I promise!

When I'm not haunti- err, taking care of the administrative needs of Wyrd, I knit, paint miniatures, play video games, and volunteer with a large parlor LARP (Live Action RolePlay) organization. 

I usually have brightly dyed hair, so I'm kinda hard to miss at tournaments. I also probably have the most fun losing that you'll ever see. My preferred faction is Neverborn (I main Dreamer), but Arcanists and Guild have been interesting me lately.

I'm super stoked to be part of the Wyrd family, and everyone's been wonderful to get to know. I hope to help you all with your customer service needs however I can in the course of my duties at Wyrd. 


Hey guys! My name is Kai, and I’m one of the new faces around here! I’ve taken over the job of Hobby Assistant and Henchman Wrangling. My wife and I moved from Charlotte, North Carolina with our dog, Leprechaun.

I started playing Malifaux early in 1.5 with Ramos, but as soon as Storm of Shadows dropped I found my true love in the Ten Thunders. I enjoy playing casually and showing up to tournaments in the Southeast.

I love miniature games and RPGs. I’ve been gaming since I was 8 years old when I stumbled upon my dad’s copy of Dungeons & Dragons. I also enjoy a few video games (Final Fantasy 14 is my kick right now). I also read a LOT of comic books. Feel free to chat with me about almost anything geeky, geek related, or geek adjacent!

I look forward to working with our henchfolk and the community as a whole.

(BONUS: Picture of my dog included, altered by Alyssa's awesome skills!)