Wyrd Chronicles #29

Wyrd Chronicles #29 is now available for download on DriveThruRPG! Click the image above to download the Chronicles for free!

In the issue:

  • Pardon Our Dust - Get tactical advice on the new Gaining Grounds 2017 and learn how to keep your Crew Hiring flexible.

  • Egg Hunt - A multiplayer scenario that celebrates an age old tradition. 

  • Organ Donors - The Fated find themselves unwilling donors in McMourning’s laboratory.

  • Forging a River - Learn how to make realistic water effects.

  • Unappreciated in My Time - There is something new to fear in Malifaux.

  • The Bone Stag - The Outcast Janbaaj learns to face his fear and become a chosen Warrior of Tallil.

  • A Wyrd Crew Plays: A Stitch in Time - The Wyrd Crew joins in the fun of the Through The Breach Global Campaign.