Monday Preview - New Games

Wyrd is very excited to announce an upcoming two board games!

Bayou Bash is an upcoming racing board game for up to five players. It features Gremlins, out of control animals, and underhanded combat. Players will have to use a combination of fighting and speed to win.

Unlike most racing games, the winner isn't the racer who crossed the finish line first. Instead, it's the racer who attracted the most Fans (which are gained through a combination of fighting and racing). The Fans line the track and are able to be attacked and removed from the game, making scoring an interactive part of the game!

War of the Spirits is an upcoming expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling. It introduces two new Warriors (and their Spirit Animals) and many new challenges for those attempting to defeat Darkness.

This expansion also adds in the spirit realm, allowing the players, as Spirits, to explore another world. The spirit realms offer all new boons to players, aiding them in their battle to save the world.

While the release dates for these games are still unannounced, you can join in playtesting for them by heading over to our forum.