Wargame Vault Resolution

Hey everyone,

We just head back from Wargame Vault regarding the incorrectly printed errata cards.

It turns out that the problem the first time through was misdiagnosed, but they've gotten to the root of the issue now. They should have reached out to everyone who was directly affected, so please check your e-mails if you made an order of errata cards through Wargame Vault.

Regardless, they are correcting the issue by sending another shipment with the correct cards and giving affected customers a credit on their account for their next order through Wargame Vault (or any of their other marketplaces).

With the issue identified, Wargame Vault was able to identify everyone affected, so there should be no need for any additional follow-up on your end if you received faulty cards.

This has certainly been unfortunate, but we're glad that it's getting cleared up and Wargame Vault has identified the issue. We apologize to everyone, and we thank you for your patience!