February Chronicles

February Chronicles is now available on DriveThruRPG! Click the image above to check it out.

  • Starting Malifaux On A Budget - The Neverborn - Pick your master and learn how to build an effective crew in the second installment of a new tactics series.
  • Get to Know a Wyrdo - The Wyrdest of us interviews the newest of us, Kyle!
  • The Other Side... of Playtesting - Aaron talks a bit about his experience running playtesting.
  • Black Betty - An aspiring Showgirl must put on the show of her life or risk losing her life.
  • Starting a Station - Learn how to make a railroad terrain piece. 
  • Denial of Sanzu - In this Through the Breach adventure, the Fated begin a journey that will take them into the spirit world.
  • Cabin in the Woods - A Malifaux slasher Scenario... or a Malifaux 'trying to survive' Scenario.