Evil Baby Send-off

Hello Wyrdos,

We have a special announcement today: we have sold Evil Baby Orphanage!

Evil Baby Orphanage (EBO for short) is a game that Wyrd holds dear to its heart. It has proven very popular with many, and we've enjoyed many long hours of playing the game ourselves. 

With an increasing focus on our other game lines, however, we no longer felt that we'd be able to do EBO justice. Many customers were asking for more, and we really wanted to be able to deliver more of this amazing game to them. The time came where we realized that the game, and its fans, deserved to move on to a new home. 

This means that Wyrd is no longer going to carry, stock, or support Evil Baby Orphanage, but the fans will still have a chance to see the game supported in the future!

We'd like to thank everyone who, over the years, supported and showed interest in the game. It was great fun to work on, and we're excited to see what the future holds for the world's evil babies.