Monday Preview - Mage Killer

Merry Christmas Wyrdos!  We have a gift of another preview from Above the Law.  This time we are taking a look at the Mage Killer advanced pursuit!


Mage Killer is an advanced pursuit from the upcoming Guild expansion, Above the Law. As their name implies, Mage Killers specialize in neutralizing the magical advantages of their arcane opponents. Right from the very start, a Mage Killer is able to use her knowing of Warding Glyphs to enhance her ability to protect other characters with Magical Shielding. Normally, characters who are skilled in Counter-Spelling can use a (1) Action to protect someone from magic, which allows them to add the protecting character's ranks in Counter-Spelling to their Defense and Willpower when defending against magical attacks. Warding Glyphs not only allows a Mage Killer to do this as a (0) Action but also reduces any damage that a protected character suffers from magical attacks by 1. Given that a character can protect themselves in addition to other characters, this means that Mage Killers can become very resistant to magic.

Eventually, Mage Killers learn the powerful Magical Wards Talent, which allows them to spend an hour carving runes into a large area. Once completed, the character can discard a card to activate the wards, which shield friendly characters in the area for 24 hours, just as if the Mage Killer had protected them all with her Counter-Spelling. Better yet, any characters who attempt to use magic in the warded area suffer a  to their attempt, which is certainly going to be a surprise to any spellcasters the Mage Killer is able to lure into their trap.

By far the most interesting aspect of the Mage Killer is Violation of Magic, a Manifested Power which causes the victim to suffer damage equal to their highest Magical Skill, +1 per additional Magical Skill the victim possesses. In addition, the victim gains the Grounded Condition, which flat out prevents them from casting any sort of magic.

If you've got a nemesis who tends to throw fireballs your way or one who likes to teleport off to safety after you've put a few bullets into them, the Mage Killer is a good way to shut that nonsense down and end that rivalry once and for all.

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