Wyrd Chronicles 33

Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 33, for your reading pleasure! Click on the image above to download it!

  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – the Arcanists: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together an Arcanist crew!

  • D-Fence: Figure out the tactics around playing defensively in Malifaux.

  • Judging Iron Painter: One of our Iron Painter judges talks about how they judge the painting contest.

  • Storied Soundtracks: The winner of the Storied Soundtracks contest's story is in this month's issue.

  • Worked to Death: A Through the Breach one-shot adventure involving a small mining town.

  • Nemesis - Part Two: Lady Justice and Nicodem face off in this exciting conclusion, the outcome determined by your votes!

  • Gift Exchange: A Malifaux story encounter for the holiday season involving a wonderfully scary tree.