Friday Preview - Doomseekrs

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Hopefully the turkey coma has worn off enough to enjoy our new Friday preview.  Today we are looking at the Doomseekers, a unit for the Cult.  The Cult's twisted and warped power causes some of it's members to change physically.  But for some it imbues them with magical power they couldn't previously comprehend.  Those particular cultists are known as the Doomseekers.  


While some of those who are exposed to the Burning Man begin to twist and mutate physically, others find themselves infused with intense magical power. Tapping into the energies of the Burning Man, these individuals have learned how to channel that power outward, changing the world around them. Most aspiring chaos mages end up in the Doomseekers, seeking out ever more power for themselves and for their immolated master. By using strange rituals and arcane sigils, the Doomseekers seek to bring the world closer and closer to the chaos and madness that the Burning Man represents.

On the table, Doomseekers bring additional movement tricks to the Cult’s arsenal while also providing a nice ranged attack. As one of the few Cult units that provide Area damage, the Doomseekers are particularly good against dense troops. When in Glory, their ability to summon a Breachling can also cause havoc for their opponents.

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