Black Friday Newsletter



It's time for all the glorious details on our Black Friday, Thanksgiving, birthday (and so much more) sale! I won't belabor the newsletter with all sorts of extraneous information, so I'll just get right into the offerings.

Special Releases
Some quantities are limited and may come without a box.
WYR21001 LNE LTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Nightmare 80.00
WYR21002 LE LTD | Miss Step 25.00
WYR21004 LE LTD | Alternate Perdita 25.00
WYR21005 LE LTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Dayglow Lime 50.00
WYR21006 LE LTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Translucent Smoke 85.00
WYR21007 LE LTD | Children of December (Rasputina) Translucent Blue 50.00
WYR21008 LE LTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Translucent Lime 50.00
WYR21010 LE LTD | Miss Terious 35.00
WYR21012 LE LTD | War Wabbit 35.00
WYR21013 LE LTD | Johana 25.00
WYR21015 LNE LTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare 60.00
WYR21017 LE LTD | Bete Noire Translucent Red 25.00
WYR21018 LE LTD | Francisco Ortega 25.00
WYR21019 LE LTD | Gremlin 25.00
WYR21020 LE LTD | Mindless Zombies Translucent Emerald 35.00
WYR21021 LE LTD | Performer 25.00
WYR21022 LE LTD | Miss Ery - Bad Teddy 25.00
WYR21023 LNE LTD | Nightmare Hanging Tree 70.00
WYR21024 LE LTD | Katanaka Sniper Alternate 25.00
WYR21025 LE LTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Translucent Lime 55.00
WYR21026 LE LTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Dayglow Lime 55.00
WYR21027 LE LTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Translucent Pink 60.00
WYR21028 LE LTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Dayglow Pink 60.00
WYR21029 LNE LTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare Translucent Root Beer 70.00
WYR21030 LE LTD | Kaeris 25.00
WYR21031 LE LTD | Miss Anne Thrope 25.00
WYR21032 LNE LTD | Dark Carnival (Colette) Nightmare 90.00
WYR21037 LE LTD | Witchling Handler 18.00
WYR21038 LE LTD | Barbaros 25.00
WYR21039 LNE LTD | Coryphee Nightmare 35.00
WYR21040 LE LTD | Dr. Dufresne Alternate McMourning 25.00
WYR21041 LE LTD | Firestarter 25.00
WYR21044 LE LTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Translucent Orange 50.00
WYR21045 LE LTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Translucent Purple 45.00
WYR21046 LE LTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Dayglow Orange 50.00
WYR21047 LE LTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Dayglow Purple 45.00
WYR21048 LNE LTD | Dark Carnival Crew (Colette) Nightmare Translucent Red 95.00
WYR21050 LE LTD | The Plague Cometh (Hamelin) Translucent 50.00
WYR21051 LE LTD | Miss Fire 25.00
WYR21054 LNE LTD | Relic Hunters (Lucas McCabe) Wild Ones Nightmare 95.00
WYR21055 LE LTD | Guilty As Charged (Jack Daw) Translucent 55.00
WYR21056 LE LTD | Coryphee Duet Translucent Red 35.00
WYR21058 LNE LTD | Relic Hunters (Lucas McCabe) Wild Ones Nightmare Translucent 100.00
WYR21059 LE LTD | Bishop Alternate 25.00
WYR21060 LE LTD | Guard Sergeant 25.00
WYR21061 LTD | Dr. Alexei Sokolov Alternate Joss 35.00
WYR21062 LE LTD | Rafkin Alternate 25.00
WYR21063 LE LTD | Alt Titania 25.00
WYR21064 LE LTD | Victorian Lady 25.00
WYR21065 LE LTD | Nicodem Alternate 25.00
WYR21067 LE LTD |  Miss Deed 25.00
WYR21071 LNE CREW | Curiosity Killed the Cat (Hamelin) Nightmare 90.00
WYR21079 LTD | Winter Wonderland 75.00
WYR21073 Nightmare - Cat Princess 25.00
WYR21074 Nightmare - Cat Herders 30.00
WYR21075 CREW | Curiosity Killed the Cat (Hamelin) Nightmare Translucent Green 95.00
WYR21076 Nightmare - Cat Princess Translucent Green 27.50
WYR21077 Nightmare - Cat Herders Translucent Green 32.50
WYR21072 Teddy Translucent Purple 30.00
The Cat Herders box includes:
  • 2x Cat Herders (Rat Catchers)
The Cat Princess box includes:
  • 4x Cats (Malifaux Rats)
  • Cat Princess (Rat King)
The alt Rasputina box includes:
  • Rasputina
  • Snow Storm (the Krampus)
  • 3x Ice Gamin (the Snowmen)
  • Wendigo (the Presents)
In addition to all the special figures being available, we'll also be giving away one free Vintage Master (of your choice) with every $100 you spend during the sale! Just list which of the Vintage options you want in the comments of your order to get them.

The $100 is counted before taxes, shipping, etc. If you fail to list your Vintage choice(s), you will receive random Vintage model(s). We will not be making any changes to orders after they've been placed. If you list more models than you qualify for, we will make the determination about which to send.
That's it for the special releases! Everything else is the normal stuff, which you can also get on our webstore during the sale. The sale is only a few days away, so keep a watch out and get your heart's desire while the getting is good!

Due to the number of orders we receive during this sale, please allow extra time for shipping.

Have a great day!
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