Friday Preview - Field Intelligence Corps

Another Friday is upon us!  That means we have yet another amazing preview from The Other side.  And this week we are looking at one of the units of the King's Empire who help to support the war effort.  Winning a war is more than just having the biggest or most guns.  It's about having information.  The Field Intelligence Corps helps to make sure that happens.  Of course they also have a big gun for when that is the correct answer to the problem!  Let's take a look!

Not every part of the military is focused on combat. The goal of the Field Intelligence Corps is to keep their Commanders appraised of enemy actions and threats so that the Empire's forces can be used to their full effect. Using espionage, signal flags, and a trained eye, the Intelligence Corps can greatly undermine enemy plans through the simple use of observation and communication. They are armed with high powered SMLE Mark II rifles for when the fighting gets thick, though they are often tasked with trying to eliminate key enemy personnel rather than front line soldiers.

On the tabletop, the Field Intelligence Corps specializes in card manipulation. With the ability to draw cards and make the opponent discard them, they help to tilt the resource element of the game towards the Empire's advantage. If they flip to Glory, they also gain the ability to manipulate the Operation itself.

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