Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

Hey Wyrdos!  It is almost time for our Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday sale and we know you all want some news.  Well today we get to bring you a preview of something that will be available during the Black Friday sale.  Wyrd is at it again with a new Twisted Alternatives box!  This time we decided to bring some holiday cheer into the office .  And nobody knows how to get everyone into the winter holiday spirit like Rasputina and her crew!  Especially with this new twist...


Box Contains

1 Alt Rasputina Sculpt 

1 Krampus*

1 Beast in a Box** (3 presents on one base)

3 Snowmen*** (note the extra head counts as part of one of the Snowmen)

This alternate Rasputina set will come pre-assembled, and will be like our previously released Twisted Alternatives set.  It will be made available during the Black Friday sale. 

*Krampus counts as Snowstorm

** Beast in a Box counts as Wendigo

*** Snowmen count as Ice Gamin

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