Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

It's finally Friday, the best day of the week!  And on top of that it's the best time on Friday, preview time!  Today we are taking a peek under the shell of the Armored Whelk.  While they may not swarm the field like some of their compatriots, they will be a tough nut to crack.  Let's take a look and learn a little more about these crabby crustaceans!  

The large Whelks are, in some ways, simple creatures. They are heavily protected by their massive shells, and their sharp claws have evolved to possess a strength many times their apparent size. To treat them as simple predators is to do them an injustice, however, for the Armored Whelks are some of the most intelligent creatures in the Gibbering Hordes. They are aggressively social and have formed a symbiotic relationship with many other species. Groups of Whelks frequently become rally points in combat, and human commanders have already noticed a sudden and drastic shift in the Hordes’ tactics the moment that a few Whelks appear on the battlefield.

On the table, Armored Whelks are one of the hardest Squads to kill. High armor and an immunity to Pinned Tokens make them incredibly difficult to slow down or damage. The only consolation for opponents is that Whelks tend to move in smaller numbers than many of their kin.

If you want to discuss your plans for these Whelks, or just make some crab puns, head on over to our forums!