Friday Preview - Electrocutioners

It's Friday!  And that means that it's time for another preview from The Other Side.  Today we are looking at the Electrocutioners from Abyssinia.  

At the cutting edge of Abyssinian technology stand the Electrocutioners. Equipped with the latest in Soulstone powered technology, these technophiles are selected for their love of pushing the limits. They show no fear in the face of a challenge, and being the first to field test a new and potentially dangerous weapon doesn’t give them pause. In battle, their experimental electricity weapons and use of prototypes makes them a continuous force to be feared.

On the tabletop, Electrocutioners aren’t concerned about ranged or melee combat. They excel at both, and a Squad can often gain additional Actions in a turn by attaching a Prototype Asset. If you can get them into Glory, the Electrocutioners also gain access to the powerful 1.21 Gigawatts Action, easily clearing them out of melee as they travel backwards through time for a brief, crazy misadventure before returning to battle.

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