Wyrd Chronicles 32

Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 32, the Wyrdest thing you'll read today! Click on the image above to check it out.

  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – the Guild: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together a Guild crew!

  • Din-Din: You think rats are bad? Wait until you find out about the cat problem on Rosewood Street.

  • Promise Breakers: Take a closer look at Malifaux’s latest book and the impact it may make to your favorite Masters!

  • Hazardous Terrain: Need to add a little terror to your Malifaux games? Learn how to build hazardous terrain for many table themes!

  • Painting Faces – Lilith: Strengthen your painting skills with this step-by-step face painting tutorial!

  • Fears of the Young: Trick or treating for the Fated in Malifaux goes about as well as you’d imagine. 

  • Field of Terror: A horrifying story encounter for your Halloween Malifaux games!