Monday Preview - Magewright

Tomorrow is Halloween, the spookiest of all days!  And if you are a magic user in Malifaux, then nothing is spookier than the Guild.  But there are some magic users who the guild tolerates, as long as they prove useful.  To that effect, we are taking a look at the Magewright from the upcoming Above the Law expansion for Through the Breach.  


The Magewright is a magic-using Pursuit that focuses upon the use of Enchanting Magic. Like its sister Pursuits, the Dabbler and Graverobber, the Magewright gives characters access to additional Magia and Immuto, allowing them to exceed the normal limitations of their Grimoire. Magewrights have a few tricks that their counterparts do not, however, such as increasing the Aspects of characters affected by their spells and temporarily enchanting weapons with magical power.

Perhaps the most interesting Talent possessed by Magewrights is Enchant Item, which allows a character to store a spell in an object for later release. The possibilities that this talent opens up are limited only by the character's imagination (and her Magia): invisibility cloaks, healing elixirs, and far-seeing spectacles are just the tip of what a crafty Magewright can create. Another fun Talent is Spontaneous Animation, which allows Magewrights to transform piles of scrap into subservient Clockwork Traps, simply as a side effect of casting their Enchantment spells.

Outside of their mechanical strengths, Magewrights also have the interesting benefit of working very well with the Thalarian Doctrine, one of the few "legal" ways to use magic in Malifaux. The Guild makes use of its Magewrights to enchant the weapons of its Witch Hunters and to churn out magical bullets for the Nephilim Hunters, as well as to animate the battle constructs of the Amalgamation Office. There are also independent Magewrights in the city that are authorized to legally sell their magical talents... provided that they submit to frequent Witch Hunter inspections.

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