Friday Preview - The Warped

Friday is a day to take a peek into the Other Side.  And nothing says "Other" quite like the Warped!  Let's get to know these freaky members of the Cult of the Burning Man.


There are many paths to walk when following the Burning Man, but none are as revered as the Warped. Like the Twisted Horrors, the Warped have had their bodies infused with magic, but unlike the Horrors, the Warped could control it. The Warped tap into the potent magic of the Burning Man to open minor portals that allow them to quickly move from one location to the next. On the battlefield, this makes them particularly dangerous, as there's no telling where they will show up next.

On the table, the Warped are a solid, all-around unit. Their only weakness is a lack of ranged attacks, but with the ability to teleport, they can quickly close with the enemy's ranged units, tear them apart, and then teleport to safety before the opponent realizes what hit them.

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