Monday Preview - Marksman

Another Monday means another preview!  Today we are looking at the Marksman pursuit from Above the Law, the upcoming Guild supplement for Through the Breach.  Let's learn a little bit about this new pursuit!

The Marksman Pursuit allows a character to focus upon ranged combat - with an emphasis on "ranged" - more than any other Pursuit. While the Gunslinger might throw out a wild flurry of pistol shots and the Boomer might unleash the raw devastation of a powerful shotgun, the Marksman takes a more patient approach by carefully lining up her shots before pulling the trigger.

This focus is evident in the Marksman's Talents. Right from the very start, the Marksman gains the powerful Take Aim action, which allows her to increase the range of her projectile weapons(whether they're rifles, pistols, or cannons) by an impressive four yards. As she advances, a Marksman gains access to additional Talents that allow her to remain on the back lines of a battle, ideally hidden in a place of cover as she steadily and patiently debuffs her enemies with carefully-placed shots.

The reputation of the Guild's expertly-trained riflemen makes them the most obvious examples of Marksmen in Malifaux, but this Pursuit would also be appropriate for anyone wanting to emulate patient ranged killers like the Katanaka Snipers or the December Acolytes (their harpoon guns are Long Arm weapons, after all). The Gremlins are pretty fond of their ramshackle rifles, too, if your trigger finger is itching for a bit of Bayou action...


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