Friday Preview - Empire Dragoons

Friday is here at last!  Everyone knows the reason people get so excited for Friday is the awesome Other Side previews they get!  Today we take a look at the Empire Dragoon! 


An elite cavalry force, the Empire Dragoons have managed to integrate modern technology with cavalry tactics to devastating effect. While the Dragoons are a limited force, this is only because their striking power is in high demand. Dragoons are largely independent, with every member having been drawn from low-ranking officer pools. This autonomy on the battlefield frees up the rest of the forces to do what they have been ordered while still ensuring that the Dragoons can go wherever they are needed at a moment's notice. To this day, few soldiers have had the courage to stand against a full Dragoon charge.

On the tabletop, Empire Dragoons are an incredibly fast melee unit. This makes them a great addition to any ranged Empire Company, as it allows them to intercept hostile forces before they can engage the Empire's gunlines. The Dragoons also come equipped with machine guns, ensuring that they will be useful in any situation

These fast moving troops are going to be harassing flanks once you get your hands on them!  Head on over to our forums to discuss your plans for the Dragoons!