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It's the season of autumn, and it's not long now until Halloween! The holiday of frights and of trick or treating is one our favorites, and we always try to make it a fun one in the office and our community. Take the chance to look over the newsletter to see what Wyrd can bring to your Halloween season.

This newsletter covers Iron Painter, the newest Chronicles, our autumn Malifaux campaign, the next two months of releases, and an overview of our various media offerings. Check it out!

The Iron Painter competition is well underway! The first round is complete with some amazing entries, and Round 2 is well underway!

Make sure to stop by 
the Iron Painter gallery on our forum and check out the works in progress. When the Round 2 is complete, our judges will rate the gold and silver tiers, and the community will get to vote on the bronze -- so come by and cast your vote!

More information on the Iron Painter competition can be found by clicking the image above.
We just released a brand new Wyrd Chronicles! This free ezine is available on DriveThruRPG and brings you the latest and greatest of Wyrd. This month announces the winner of the Lady Justice versus Nicodem fight, tells a troubling story about cats, and more! The breakdown can be found below.
  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – the Guild: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together a Guild crew!
  • Din-Din: You think rats are bad? Wait until you find out about the cat problem on Rosewood Street.
  • Promise Breakers: Take a closer look at Malifaux’s latest book and the impact it may make to your favorite Masters!
  • Hazardous Terrain: Need to add a little terror to your Malifaux games? Learn how to build hazardous terrain for many table themes!
  • Painting Faces – Lilith: Strengthen your painting skills with this step-by-step face painting tutorial!
  • Fears of the Young: Trick or treating for the Fated in Malifaux goes about as well as you’d imagine. 
  • Field of Terror: A horrifying story encounter for your Halloween Malifaux games!
And if you enjoy the Field of Terror Malifaux story encounter in this edition, be sure to check out some of our past Chronicles to find even more Halloween frights -- including encountering the dreaded Carver. You can find a list of all our story encounters here.
Wyrd is currently hosting a global Malifaux event: Homefront. This event began in October and is running until the end of December, and it allows players to vote and submit results for the chance to shape the Malifaux universe!

Players are able to throw their support behind one of three smuggling operations that are sending supplies back to Earth. Who they support will have a strong influence on The Other Side, as the smugglers with the most support will eventually become powerful syndicates back on Earth.

Additionally, the Faction with the best win ratio at the end of the event will have one (or more) of their models turned into next year's Nightmare edition!

For full details on the event, click here.
The Get Gourd Carving Contest takes place between now and the end of October. To participate, you need to carve a gourd (like a pumpkin) with some Wyrd theme. Once you do, post a picture of it to Facebook or Twitter and tag us! As long as this is done before November, you're entered in.

Click on the image on the left to find out more!
October Releases
WYR30207 TTB Penny Dreadful: A Stitch in Time  $    25.00    
WYR30404 Tarot Deck  $    16.00    
WYR30405 Spell Deck  $    20.00    
WYR20039 Broken Promises Upgrade Deck  $    12.00    
WYR21069 Alt. Nekima  $    35.00    
WYR20537 Talos  $    24.00    
WYR20137 Thalarian Queller  $    18.00    
WYR20729 Crime Bosses  $    21.00

October is a great month for Through the Breach! The Tarot Deck is an oversized Fate Deck, making it easy for players around the table to reach it, and the Spell Deck is a nice accessory for your spell-casting friends. Coupled with the Stitch in Time adventure, October is a great time to start that Through the Breach game you've been thinking about running.
Through the Breach Core Rules are now available on DriveThruRPG for $40.

These core rules will give you everything you need to play Through the Breach, and they are fully compatible with all previously release products. You can also check out our Penny Dreadful adventures on DriveThruRPG.
Malifaux's Broken Promises is now available on DriveThruRPG for $28.

This book offers 5 new models for each Faction as well as 2 new Upgrades for every Master in the game. It's the perfect book for expanding your playstyles and bringing new strength to your Crews.
November Releases
WYR20138 Jury  $    15.00
WYR20440 Grootslang  $    30.00
WYR20641 Wrastlers  $    21.00
WYR20245 Asura Roten  $    21.00
WYR20538 The Midnight Stalker  $    11.00
WYR20349 Kandara  $    21.00
We also have a Local Game Store (LGS) promotion every month! You can see the October and November promotions below.
If you spend $65 or more at your LGS in October, send a copy of your receipt for a small mystery box containing a special edition model. Click on the image for more info.
A free alt Wastrel model will be in The Jury boxes purchased in November (look for the "Bonus Model Included" sticker). Click on the image for more information.

Wyrd has a variety of media available for free to everyone.

  • Every Wednesday a new wallpaper is available on our website for Wallpaper Wednesday. There is a large collection of Malifaux options available, as well as a variety of options for some of our other games. This Wednesday saw the release of a special Wallpaper, the scene of the Last Call at the Gray Lord story in Crossroads, featuring Molly and Kirai!
  • We have a free ezine available, Wyrd Chronicles. The Chronicles have stories, hobby articles, RPG adventures, and more! Be sure to check out this magazine, currently available on DriveThruRPG.
  • Most Mondays we release a look at something upcoming in our Monday Preview. These are a great opportunity to see what Wyrd is working on and what's coming down the pipeline. We have a lot of things to show off, so check back every Monday!
  • On Fridays we try to show off previews for the upcoming The Other Side miniatures game. Check out some of the previews, or come by PAX Unplugged to learn how to play the game!
  • Every other Thursday we release a free podcast called the Tales of Malifaux as part of our Breachside Broadcast. This podcast goes through the Malifaux fiction one story at a time, starting all the way back with the first book in first edition. It's a great way to catch up on our old stories or go through them again.
If you're going to be at PAX Unplugged from November 17-19, and we could use your help!

We're currently looking for volunteers to help run demos of Malifaux and The Other Side. Click the link provided to find out more.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out the newest Chronicles or look at the Iron Painter.

Enjoy the rest of your October, and may all your jokers be red!

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