September Newsletter



September is a great time of year. GenCon has wrapped up, and it's a great opportunity to plan out the rest of the year. As always, the team is hard at work ensuring that the rest of 2016 goes off without a hitch. 

This month's newsletter includes a look at our worldwide event, a few contests, and a list of upcoming releases.

Come take part in Divergent Paths, a global Malifaux event starting on September 12th! In this event, players around the world are participating in! Starting on September 12th, players will be able to submit the results of special story encounter games in order to shape the destiny of three individuals who have newly passed through the Breach into the world of Malifaux.

Instead of running a September promotion, we are instead tying the promotion directly into Divergent Paths! Your local game store can sign up to host Divergent Paths at their store, which gives both players and the store an opportunity to get free miniatures.

Full event details can be found on the website. Whether you are a player or run a store, Divergent Paths encourages everyone to get involved and get playing.
In August's Community Contest, different members of the community submitted their own works of Malifaux art. For September, we are asking the community to create a video focusing on some aspect of Malifaux. At the end of the month, a poll will be created so everyone can choose their favorite entry. Click here for more details.

But that's not the only contest we have going on! Right now, there's a chance to win a special edition Titania model by sharing or retweeting about the contest on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Find our contest message and spread the news! Additional details can be found here.
Here are the upcoming releases for the new few months!

September Releases
October Releases
The Breachside Broadcast is a free podcast taking you through the fluff of the Malifaux universe, one story at a time! Head on over to our media section to give it a listen. With over 30 episodes, there's plenty of Malifaux for your listening pleasure!
Don't forget to check out the Wyrd Chronicles, a free bimonthly magazine available for download on DriveThruRPG. Wyrd Chronicles is a great place for stories, painting tips, free one-shots, and more! Click here to check it out today.

We really look forward to the autumn and winter ahead. We have more contests in store, as well as more announcements and news to share. We hope that you'll join us and be a part of the ever-expanding Wyrd community!

Have a great September!

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