Wyrd Chronicles & a new One Shot

A new Wyrd Chronicles is now available! Click on the image above to download it free from DriveThruRPG! In this volume:

  • Designing New Masters: A look at coming up with the new Masters.
  • Puppet Strings: Watch the Bunraku take to the stage!
  • Praise the Oyabun: Painting the Shadow Emissary.
  • Chain Gang: A day in the life of convict labor.
  • Creation of New Gremlin Families: A glimpse of Into the Bayou's Gremlin families
  • Rust and Ruin: A Through the Breach adventure
  • Family Feud: A Malifaux story encounter

A new Through the Breach adventure, Madman, Interrupted, is now available on DriveThruRPG for only $5! Click on the image above to head over and download this new story for your Fated characters.