July News

Hey Wyrdos,

We've got some news we'd like to share with everyone!

Guild Store

We are unveiling the Guilder program today. The Guilder program is a way to turn event attendance into special edition rewards! By attending your local Henchmen-led events, you'll accumulate Guilders (pictured above).

Guilders are like currency can be exchanged via mail for special edition products. More details about the Guilder program can be found by clicking on the Guilder image above or visiting this webpage.

Master Stat Cards

You can now find every Malifaux Master's stat card on each of the Master's pages. Head on over to the Malifaux section of the site, select your Faction, and check out your favorite Master's page.

Each of these pages contains a short bio about the Master, information about their box set, a short tactica that explains how they play on the table, and now includes their stat card. It's never been easier to start playing Malifaux!

Iron Painter Judges

After a grueling Iron Painter, some of our judges agreed to kick back and paint their own entries, creating some truly impressive models! Since turnabout is fair play, you have the chance to go and vote on which entry you think is the best.

While you're there, take a moment to thank the judges for their participation and check out all of the amazing entries that were submitted for this contest over in the Iron Painter gallery.

Ripples of Fate Reveal

What would a news update be without a reveal from Ripples of Fate? Each day from now until GenCon, we will reveal the art for one entire Faction's new models. If you want to see what your Faction is getting, look no further than our daily reveal!

And, in a twist of fate, the reveals will be in the reverse order that the Masters were revealed. So Gremlins, it is your day in the sun!

This piece of art is also now available as a large wallpaper here.

Come on over to our forum to discuss the above announcements and the Ripples of Fate reveal!