New Through the Breach on DriveThruRPG

We are happy to announce three new Through the Breach arrivals on DriveThruRPG:

  1. Under Quarantine - $28 - This expansion on The Fated Almanac gives a whole host of new Pursuits, Talents, and other tools for Fated and Fatemasters alike!
  2. A Night in Rottenburg - $15 - This Penny Dreadful is an adventure inside Rottenburg, a neighborhood protected by the undead, as tensions ratchet up in the Quarantine Zone.
  3. Dirty Deeds - $5 - This download only one-shot adventure pits the Fated against a gang of kidnappers intent on breaking up a Union strike by threatening a man's family.


All of these are now available on DriveThruRPG, along with a variety of other Through the Breach books and adventures. Check it out!