New TTB & Chronicles

We are excited to announce three new PDF downloads! We have two Through the Breach adventures and a new Chronicles!

A Malifaux Christmas Carol is a fun one shot adventure for your Through the Breach season! Save the Guild's Christmas Gala before everyone loses their holiday cheer. Click the image above to check out this $5 adventure download.

The Bayou Games is the exciting companion adventure to the Into the Bayou expansion. If you're a Gremlin looking for some healthy (and dangerous) competition, look no further! Click the image above to check it out.

Check out the newest Chronicles, available now! This Chronicles has a host of great articles:

  • Starting Malifaux On A Budget With Ten Thunders - Pick your master and learn how to build an effective crew in the first installment of a new tactics series.
  • Menagerie - Something strange is behind Ridley’s newest shopping craze
  • Interview From The Other Side - Get a behind the scenes with the Lead Designer of The Other Side
  • The True Meaning of Chugmugs - A young gremlin learns the true meaning behind Chugmugs and also causes property damage
  • Winter Lake - Learn how to make a wintery terrain
  • High Spirits - The Fated come up against Malifaux’s Prohibition Society
  • Silent Night - A Holiday Malifaux Scenario

Click on the image above to check it out completely free!