Black Friday Newsletter



The month of Thanksgiving is well underway, and we are preparing for our Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Wyrd Birthday celebration. Every year at the end of November into early December, Wyrd has an online sale that includes preorders and special edition figures. It is not a sale to miss!

This sale takes place from Wednesday, November 23rd until Friday, December 2nd, and is only available on our online store.

Below is the list of every release available during the sale that is not yet available in stores*:

Ripples of Fate models
Books & Cards
*Some prerelease miniatures may be supplied without boxes.
Wyrd has a wide variety of special edition and alternative figures. Many of these figures will be available for purchase while the sale is going on. In addition to some older special editions, Wyrd is offering the new options presented below.
  • Guilty as Charged (Jack Daw box) in yellow translucent - $55
  • Nightmare The Wild Ones (alternate McCabe crew) in smoke translucent - $100
Images of these new special editions will be available soon.

In addition to our special editions we have for sale, we are also offering some free miniatures if you spend certain amounts in our online store during this sale! Full details are below.
If you spend $150 or more in the Wyrd webstore during the Black Friday sale, you will receive a free alternative Guard Sergeant and free alternative Rafkin with your order!*
If you spend $300 or more in the Wyrd webstore during the Black Friday sale, you will receive a free alternative Nicodem and free alternative Bishop with your order!*

*All prices in USD. Total is before tax and shipping. Items will be automatically added to your order.
Wyrd is happy to begin offering Malifaux posters! These posters are 18" x 24" and are available in our online store and will be regularly available. If you purchase at least one of these posters during Black Friday, you will receive a free Black Joker novelty miniature with your order!
Check out the Wyrd Chronicles, a free bimonthly magazine available for download on DriveThruRPG. Wyrd Chronicles is a great place for stories, painting tips, free one-shots, and more! Click here to check it out today.
The Breachside Broadcast is a free podcast taking you through the fluff of the Malifaux universe, one story at a time! Head on over to our media section to give it a listen. With over 40 episodes, there's plenty of Malifaux for your listening pleasure!
Check out our current Local Game Store (LGS) promotion! Get yourself a special edition alternative Death Marshal model, Miss Terious, by picking up a Sky Pirates box set from your LGS that has the "Bonus Model Included" sticker on it. Full details can be found at the link above.

For the month of December, we're offering a free alternative Firestarter model when you spend $60 or more on Wyrd product at your local game store. Full details are forthcoming.

And don't forget that we're in the final stretch of the Divergent Paths global event, so this is your last chance to play in a special story scenario to help shape the destiny of three people.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!
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