Gaining Grounds 2016

We are pleased to announce that Gaining Grounds 2016 is now available!

If you are unfamiliar with Gaining Grounds, it is Wyrd's main organized tournament play format, and Gaining Grounds 2016 has been the result of a lot of work from the design team and testing from the community. I think we have something special for you this year. So how is Gaining Grounds 2016 different?

  • There are now rules for tracking included in the format. This means there is now a guideline for tracking damage, markers, and conditions.
  • We are continuing to use the Strategies from the 2015 Gaining Grounds.
  • There is a new Scheme Pool.

The new Scheme Pool is the most exciting thing about this document. While there are some of the Schemes you know and love, some of the older Schemes have been revised or retired. We hope that these Schemes will provide new and veteran players with exciting new challenges in their games of Malifaux.

You can download all of our organized play documents here:

Finally, we are also happy to announce that you can purchase a Gaining Grounds 2016 Strategy & Scheme Deck from Wargame Vault's print-on-demand service. This new offering will help you keep track of these new Schemes during your games, allowing you to focus on the Encounter at hand. To purchase this deck, go here: Below is an image of a card from the deck.

If you want to discuss this new document, come on over to our forum!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to an exciting competitive year in 2016!