September Newsletter



September has arrived, and it's a month filled with excitement. We've got a lot of new releases we're excited about and our worldwide event has begun!

But before we get to all that, I wanted to remind everyone that from September 3rd through September 6th is the NOVA Open in Arlington, Virginia. Three of Wyrd's game designers will be there to talk to the community, and it will be the first Malifaux national championships in the States. If you have a chance, come on by and join the fun.

Even if you can't make it, you can participate in the charity raffle! It's a great chance to win some Malifaux goodies while supporting charity. Head on over to their site and check out the great Crews you can win.

The Nythera Worldwide Event is kicking off in September. This event has two parts: Malifaux and Through the Breach.

In Malifaux, players choose a Faction to fight it out with the other forces Breachside in an attempt to control the Nythera ruins. The Malifaux portion has launched already and will run for three months, and will include prizes for the winning Factions.

In Through the Breach, Fatemasters run pre-generated characters through three different adventure modules that will help to determine the future of Malifaux City. The Through the Breach portion doesn't begin until the middle of the month, and will also run for three months.

You can find out more about these events here, and, even if they've already started, you can always sign up!
September is an exciting month for Wyrd releases. We have releases for three different games this month:
  • WYR20903 - Two Player Starter - $65
  • WYR20119 - Ryle - $11.00
  • WYR30104 - TTB: Into the Steam - $45.00
  • WYR30202 - TTB Penny Dreadful: Northern Aggression - $20.00
  • WYR20424 - Hooded Rider - $35.00
  • WYR20503 - Hamelin Crew - $50.00
  • WYR20710 - Shadow Effigy - $11.00
  • WYR20318 - Colette Crew - $50.00
  • WYR20326 - Coryphee - $18.00

October release: WYR11009 - Darkness Comes Rattling* - $65.00

*Unfortunately, Darkness Comes Rattling has been delayed at sea and will not arrive in time for September releases. It will be an October release instead.
We have a variety of PDFs available on DriveThruRPG, including our $5 Penny Dreadful One Shots.
Tales of Malifaux will be releasing another podcast on September 2nd. Make sure you're caught up!
Keep your receipt when you spend $60 or more on Wyrd products at your local gaming store during the month of September! If you fill out this form with a photo of your receipt before the 5th of October; we will send you a Witchling Stalker in colored plastic.

Limit 1 reward per person. Only local game stores count. Printed receipt required (no handwritten receipts). Rewards will be mailed after completion of promotion. Please allow time for delivery.

And as always, keep an eye on our Monday Previews for a look at the things that are coming up.

Thanks, and see you next time!

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